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US Census American FactFinder

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American FactFinder is a tool from the US Census Bureau (link: that provides access to data from several censuses and surveys. Data is available for the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas and covers a wide range of topics from income to education to health insurance status. Data is available by a number of different geographic areas including state, county, and city. Information is available on how the census defines various terms.

The site focuses on providing easy access for data on a specific community through its Community Facts feature in which users can search for data on their community based on their state, county, city, town, or zip code. Users are also able to create their own customizable tables that can be downloaded as an Excel, PDF, or RichText document. The Census bureau also provides API and GIS access to select data sets.

The data available on American FactFinder include:

  • American Community Survey
  • American Housing Survey
  • Annual Economic Surveys
  • Annual Surveys of Governments
  • Census of Governments
  • Decennial Census
  • Economic Census
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Tabulation
  • Population Estimates Program
  • Puerto Rico Community Survey


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