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All-Payer Claims Databases

All-Payer Claims Databases (APCDs) are statewide databases containing claims data, including the prices paid, for all commercial insurance carriers within a state. They are designed to shed light on the disparate prices doctors and hospitals charge for the same procedures. The pricing and quality data have also been

Geocommons Hospital Referral Region KML Boundaries

Geocommons is a public community of users who are building an open repository of data and maps. This particular dataset provides Hospital Referral Region (HRR) boundaries in KML as well as Shapefile format. The boundaries data were originally taken from Dartmouth Health Atlas Crosswalks and Boundary Files Information on

US Census Bureau County KML Boundaries

The US Census Bureau provides Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files for every state in the US, containing the boundaries of the counties in that state as of the 2010 census. Files are available as detailed (the exact boundaries) and generalized (boundaries are smoothed and do not represent the exact boundaries).