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CMS Physician Referral Data

The physician referral data was initially provided as a response to a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request. These files represent data from 2009 through June 2013 showing the number of referrals from one physician to another. The data is available for download from: Files can be downloaded as a txt

NUCC Health Care Provider Taxonomy Code Set

National Uniform Claim Committee

The National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) Health Care Provider Taxonomy Code Set contains HIPAA-compliant codes for specifying the specialty of a provider. Other CMS data products, including the NPPES provider database, use the taxonomy codes for self-reported specialty information. The NUCC Taxonomy Code Set can be used in conjunction with

Dartmouth Health Atlas Crosswalks and Boundary Files

Dartmouth Health Atlas offers downloadable crosswalk files as well as geographic boundary files. Zip code to HSA to HRR crosswalk files allow the user to aggregate data you may have at the Zip code level to the hospital service area (HSA) or hospital referral region (HRR) level. Zip

DocGraph Database

The DocGraph Edge data set contains very detailed information on referral patterns between CMS healthcare providers. The data can be used to understand referral patterns within any community in the United States. The data sets are very large and are structured for use in network analysis. Providers are identified by