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Dartmouth Health Atlas Crosswalks and Boundary Files

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Dartmouth Health Atlas offers downloadable crosswalk files as well as geographic boundary files. Zip code to HSA to HRR crosswalk files allow the user to aggregate data you may have at the Zip code level to the hospital service area (HSA) or hospital referral region (HRR) level. Zip code crosswalks are available for every year between 2012 to 1995 and are downloadable as an Excel file.

Hospital to HSA/HRR crosswalks are also available for the years 2005, 2007, and 2010. Dartmouth Atlas additionally offers an HSA to HRR crosswalk file.

Geographic boundary files, which are useful for geocoding boundaries for specific regions, are also offered. Files for HRR boundaries and HSA boundaries are available as zip files. The geographic boundary files allow the user to create maps using ESRI Arc GIS software. The shape files are not projected. The geographic coordinate system is the North American Datum 1983.


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