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Health System Data Center

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The Commonwealth Fund’s ( Health Systems Data Center provides for comparisons of state and regional data on access to healthcare, prevention and treatment, avoidable hospital use, and health lives.

The site ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia on their performance for 38 different indicators. It also ranks 306 Hospital Referral Regions (HRRs) on similar indicators. Each HRR is also placed in a quartile for each health indicator based on comparison with other HRRs. The “Estimated Impact of Improvement” feature provides estimates of the increase in number of adults who would be insured, children who would be insured, and adults who would have a usual source of care if a given HRR improved to the level of the best-performing HRR.

Users are able to create an account in order to save and compare graphs and data in a library. Every chart or graph can be exported to Powerpoint or shared on social networks. Reports for every HRR and state can be exported as a PDF.

This site provides excellent interactive mapping and charts for displaying data.


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