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The reach of the Houston HRR is expansive. Located within a large, diverse urban community, our HRR has more than 18 hospitals, each having more than 100 transitions, moving from the acute care hospital to a post-acute care setting (See Figure 2) The graphic shows not only the expansive reach of the HRR, but also the role the acute care hospitals play in the market. A Provider Network Analysis (for more information see Explanation of the Provider Network Analysis) characterizes relationships among healthcare service providers in a network, visualizing the network as a diagram of interconnected nodes. Unlike other communities participating in the special innovation project, a majority of the relationships are driven by the acute care hospitals with only a handful of relationships who show higher readmission rates between the acute care hospitals and the SNFs. The support of the acute care hospitals in the Houston community is necessary to conduct any quality improvement interventions.

The Houston Hospital Referral Region, as defined by Dartmouth Atlas, Provider Network Analysis, depicting the complexity of the community by connecting providers with a minimum of 200 transitions

Explanation of Provider Network Analysis

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