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One thought on “NY: Albany

  1. To whom it may concern: I am interested in knowing about the “improvements” for Healthcare. I understand that cost must be a large consideration. I am curious as to how the initiatives began. I certainly understand that cost cutting must be a factor when analyzing. Where did the procedures, policy, adherance to guidelines and originations of concerrns,complaints, issues, errors, and many factors I could go on about. When I did my thesis for my BA in Psychology, many,many factors were
    included and considered before the experimentation, analysis and findings were disclosed in a final draft.
    I just know of the last hundred situations that I know of through various individuals as far as insurance, finances, situations, awareness and many other factors, again; it would seem that something is skewed.
    The individuals setting down the guidelines,ect. I am sure are tired, overworked, and generally have similar associations. Was there any devil’s advocate, who was persistent, with knowledge and validity for their concern, or were they dismissed as “something else.” The scientific steps give validation to proposals of ideas and approaches to change, even when trying to improve process, quality and cost.
    Any more information you may have in regards to my curiosity and concern, would be appreicated. I want to try and make a decision and judgement on solid evidence, as opposed to what I hear many “giving opinions and later wondering why the service, care, situation, ect. got to be so awful.”

    Thank you so very much for your time and consideration.
    Joanne Przepasniak

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