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All-Payer Claims Databases

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All-Payer Claims Databases (APCDs) are statewide databases containing claims data, including the prices paid, for all commercial insurance carriers within a state. They are designed to shed light on the disparate prices doctors and hospitals charge for the same procedures. The pricing and quality data have also been used to help design cost-effective benefit plans. APCDs can also be used to inform health policy development and measure results.

The following map shows which states have APCDs and contains the URLs for certain state APCD websites:

White: No activity
Yellow: Considering laws that would create APCDs
Pink: Voluntary databases created by commercial carriers and large employers
Blue: Developing new databases
Green: Databases that are up and running and can be used by researchers to analyze costs

To download the data or view the map in different sizes, visit the Google Fusion Table at Google Drive

For more information on APCDs visit

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