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Health Indicators Warehouse

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The Health Indicators Warehouse (HIW) is a user-friendly web-accessible database of pre-tabulated national, state, and local health indicators, reflecting multiple dimensions of population health, health care, and health determinants. The HIW also contains supporting descriptive data to facilitate understanding and appropriate use of the indicators, as well as links to evidence-based interventions.

Access to high quality data improves understanding of a community’s health status and determinants, and facilitates the prioritization of interventions. The purpose of HIW is to

  • Provide a single, user-friendly, source for national, state, and community health indicators
  • Meet needs of multiple population health initiatives
  • Facilitate harmonization of indicators across initiatives
  • Link indicators with evidence-based interventions
  • Serve as the data hub for the HHS Community Health Data Initiative, a flagship HHS open government initiative to release data; encourage innovative application development; and catalyze change to improve community health

The HIW is one of the most comprehensive sources of health indicator data, with over 1,200 indicators across topics from Maternal and Infant Health to Public Health Infrastructure. The data can be viewed in a table, chart, or map. Users also can download the data into Excel-friendly formats.

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