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Health System Data Center

The Commonwealth Fund's ( Health Systems Data Center provides for comparisons of state and regional data on access to healthcare, prevention and treatment, avoidable hospital use, and health lives. The site ranks all 50 states and the District of Columbia on their performance for 38 different indicators. It also ranks

Dartmouth Health Atlas

The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care

For more than 20 years, the Dartmouth Atlas Project has documented glaring variations in how medical resources are distributed and used in the United States. The project uses Medicare data to provide comprehensive information and analysis about national, regional, and local markets, as well as individual hospitals and their affiliated

Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse

CMS Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse Logo

Overview The CMS Chronic Conditions Data Warehouse (CCW) provides researchers with Medicare and Medicaid beneficiary, claims, and assessment data linked by beneficiary across the continuum of care. In the past, researchers analyzing data files were required to perform extensive analysis related to beneficiary matching, deduplication, and merging of the files in

RSS feed for Cincinnati content

We now offer an RSS feed to help you keep up with our Cincinnati content. RSS feeds give you a way to subscribe to content from many web sites using a simple procedure. Some web browsers have RSS subscription capability built in. For example, you can learn how to subscribe

Improve Your Healthcare Community!

This site reflects the commitment of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS / link: and Altarum (link: to encourage communities to understand and improve their own care systems for elderly and disabled persons. Community leaders, including medical care providers, long-term services and supports providers, citizen